Empowering Mothers: A Community-Driven Platform in Sri Lanka

Mums Unite!
Welcome to Sri Lanka's community-driven 
support system for mums, by mums!

When my 8-year-old daughter had recurring nightmares, the advice offered by friends and family ranged from practical to delirious - I heard everything from accusations about my style of parenting to proposals to organise an exorcism. As a mother, I felt confused and alone. I had so many unanswered questions - is this a common, natural phenomenon that every child must grow through? Or should I be worried, and does this require medical attention? Am I asking the wrong questions?

In an internet filled with opinions and advice from people with absolutely no real-world parenting advice, our little community made up exclusively of mums realised that no one really understands what it takes to be a mother except for a fellow mum!  
So welcome to mumsy.lk - the online safe space that every mother in Sri Lanka has been waiting for!
At every point in human history, mothers have united to learn from, teach and support each other in every possible way. With digital becoming the norm, building an online community around motherhood is a possibility and is a need in this new normal.

We built mumsy.lk so that every mother in Sri Lanka has an avenue and a safe space to share experiences and build friendships; a place where mums can be there for each other on every level, from the nuances of raising kids to the challenges of self-care at every stage of motherhood.
There are no wrong questions at mumsy.lk - this is a forum where mums can be themselves, let loose and figure out the tough questions together. While learning from each other, mumsy.lk will also feature curated content that dives deeper into the lives of Sri Lankan mothers to understand our common complications and devise practical solutions by thinking through them together. We are a community of empowered women who have chosen each other as our circle of trust!

By uniting to voice our thoughts, fears and fresh ideas, we believe that our growing community has the power to change motherhood for the better. Mumsy.lk aims to dispel myths, correct misinformation, and ease unrealistic pressures placed on mothers by society by fostering a community of sharing and learning among mothers.

They say that being a mum is the hardest job in the world. At mumsy.lk, we believe that we can make it that much easier just by being there for each other so that however challenging life gets, no mum will ever need to feel alone again!